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ingebjorg9: (Picard facepalm)
Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 01:21 pm
Search for "Wallander", then see how many pages you have to scroll down before you come to a picture that's NOT of Tom Hiddleston.  I had to scroll about 12 times before I finally found sirbranagh's photo of ol' Ken smiling quite happily to himself.

Whereas I might have been willing to give the Branagh adaptations a try (in spite of their liberal interpretation of the books), the Hiddleston fangirls that have overrun that corner of the fandom have completely put me off.  It's telling that an awful lot of the Tom Hiddleston stuff that I see thrown around is also from the other things he has appeared in, like The Avengers, but still ends up tagged with "Wallander" and "Magnus Martinsson".  (As an aside, I think I actually prefer him as the unpleasant Loki than as the BBC's grossly inaccurate portrayal of Martinsson, but that's still not saying much.)  He gets a disproportionate amount of attention because he's young and (apparently some people's idea of) pretty.  But I still don't get what's supposed to be so damn attractive about the guy, and I guess I never will.

On another note, the "Martinsson" he plays is NOT the Martinsson of the novels, who is a married family man.  He begins the series as a young offcer, but over the course of the books he ages, has several children and in Firewall eventries to betray Wallander.  Anyone, in fact, who romanticises his relationship with Wallander probably hasn't read Firewall.  The Martinsson of the books is also pretty unlikely to be shipped with Linda because, well, squick.  Also, his name is not Magnus.  His first name is actually never given in the books, and Magnus is certainly not mentioned.  The Swedish series might not be to everyone's taste, but Douglas Johansson is to my mind a lot closer to the original Martinsson.

I put it to you, then, that "Magnus Martinsson" is an impostor.  Just an irreverent thought!

It's not all bad on Tumblr, though.  I found this nice picture of Krister Henriksson and Henning Mankell on set together.  There are also some really pretty pictures of Ystad.  And once I get on Tumblr and start spamming it with Swedish Wallander all will be right with the world! >:-D
ingebjorg9: (Kurt Wallander)
Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 09:58 pm

jellied-egg, I think I love you XD
ingebjorg9: (O RLY?)
Thursday, July 12th, 2012 10:20 pm
Just a small quibble about the Wallander fandom, and it's this: when I go looking for Wallander fanfics, almost all the stories I find are about Tom Hiddleston.  Yes, ok, technically they're about Tom Hiddleston's portrayal of Martinsson in Branagh's adaptations of Wallander, but what it basically boils down is that they're about Tom Hiddleston. Fandom, y u no write about something other than Tom Hiddleston??  Now I'm off to drink a large akvavit and look at pictures of Ola Rapace :-P