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ingebjorg9: (Champ)
Sunday, July 14th, 2013 10:11 pm
In my last post I wrote about how Kurt Wallander is my hero.  However, I have another, real-life, hero, and exactly a week ago today he walked out on Centre Court at Wimbledon and won the men's singles - the first time a British man has done this since 1936.  He is of course Andy Murray.

2012 2013
From tears to triumph: what a difference a year makes

Probably everyone remembers Andy's tears on losing the 2012 final to Roger Federer.  It was a moment that was hard to take, both for Andy and for those watching him, but it was a major turning point.  Up until 2012, the Andy Murray we saw out there on the court still had something of the look of a boy to him: very talented and hardworking, but prone to adolescent moments where he would make mistakes or lose heart.  Since last year's Wimbledon final, all that has changed.  This year it was the man Andy Murray who took to the court.

In every game he played during this year's tournament, he came out looking like he belonged there.  He was determined, he was strong and he never lost heart, even during some difficult games during the second week.  His performance in the final itself was immense, battling against a resilient Novak Djokovic in stiflingly hot conditions.  Even though Djokovic kept coming back at him, Andy outplayed him, displaying the skill, courage and strength of a true champion.

Things I will never get tired of, no.1

There's so much to like and admire about Andy.  As well as having the raw talent to be a great tennis player, he works so hard to maintain his skills and fitness.  He's one of the most determined people I've ever seen, and his coach Ivan Lendl has helped him channel the immense reserves of mental strength and courage that have always been there.  With his big heart and will to succeed he shows what you can achieve, even though life may kick you in the teeth, and this year he was ready for whatever got thrown at him.  As a fellow Scot, but more importantly as a fan, I'm so proud of everything that he's achieved.


Cometh the hour, cometh the man, and that man's name is Andy Murray.